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How To Motivate Yourself To Workout

Physical exercise is one of the most inexpensive and fun ways to make yourself happier and increase your overall well-being. Exercise makes your body function better – it improves the functioning of your brain, heart, lungs and immune system, making you think better and feel better.

Exercise is like food and sleep – it is a basic need of the human body. Keep this in mind as this is the philosophy behind how you should be motivating yourself to workout.

Unfortunately, the need for exercise is often ignored since it is not urgent, unlike hunger or sleep, and often people lack the motivation to go through a workout.

So here’s how to get yourself motivated to workout.


  1. Think Long-term

Think of your fitness goal. Stop and think about it.

This is the most important part of motivating yourself to workout.

You need to form a complete picture of what you will look like and how you will feel – how much weight will you be able to lift? How easy will it be for you to run a mile? How confident will you feel?

If you have a complete picture, you’re already bringing your desire closer to reality.

The next thing you must do is to act on it.

Decide what training programme is best for you to achieve those goals (beginner’s workout programme). This mainly depends on the amount of time you can dedicate to training and your experience level.


Every moment you invest, you are moving closer to that reality.


Whenever you run up against a wall, think of your fitness goal. Don’t think about how you will never be able to achieve it. Believe that you will achieve it – if you put enough time in.


Think of the health benefits… Remember this when you’re pushing for that last rep, or when you need to keep running for the last 100m.


your fitness, the way you’ll feel



  1. Listen to Your Favourite Music

Listening to your favourite music energises you and makes you perform better. It also makes you happier and stimulates your senses while working out.

If you’re easily bored by a structured and repetitive training routine, listening to new music may give you the novelty you seek.

I find that listening to music adds to the rush of adrenaline from my exercise routine and stimulates my mind, allowing me to come up with new ideas and think of things from a different angle.



  1. Reward Yourself

You might be finding it difficult to get into the habit of a training schedule and can’t get started. The trick is to use your psychology to your advantage.

Think of something you enjoy doing or that you absolutely have to do every day. It might be something like playing video games or playing the guitar. The trick is to think of an activity that motivates you, and that you have a strong urge to do during your day.

That activity is your reward.

You only get to do your favourite activity AFTER you have completed your training routine.

From now on, when you think of your favourite activity, you will think of your training routine and you will associate the two together.

It’s best if the activity is not something passive like watching TV. It must be something active – like playing the guitar.


  1. Set A SMART Goal

A good goal is one which is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bound. Basically, it’s SMART.

Specific – decide what your fitness goal is. How much do you want to weigh? How much weight will you be able to lift?


Measurable – you need to weigh yourself regularly to see if you are making progress with your weight


Attainable – you can’t set a goal to weigh 10kg – it’s physically impossible!


Realistic – it must be possible to achieve the goal within the time limit (below)


Time-bound – you must set a deadline for you to reach your goal – otherwise you won’t be motivated to achieve it.

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