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July 3, 2016


Past, present, future.

Which one sounds the most exciting to you?

The future is the realm in which the innovators of the human race live. They think about the possibilities of what life can be like.

I believe that healthcare can be so much more than it is today – we are currently reacting to health issues, not preventing them. And we are definitely not using technology to augment our health beyond its biological limits.

Technology should be the gateway to a better version of ourselves.


1. Realisation of Potential

Every human being is unique – their genetics and the way their environment interacts with the way genes are expressed, influence the attributes of that person. Someone can try as they might to be the best rugby player in the world, however if their genetics holds them back, that dream may prove to be impossible. There is a limit to the extent to which training and good nutrition (environment) can allow a person to reach if their genetics is not good for playing rugby.

Knowing someone’s genetic background, we can guide that person’s personal development to augment the strong parts of their genetics to reach higher levels through training.

For example, the same person who may have been a bad rugby player, may have the intellect of a chess grandmaster. Therefore, if that person trained in chess rather than trained in playing rugby, that person would have achieved more success.


2. Preventing Disease

Diabetes, heart disease, stroke, obesity. The epidemic of preventable diseases has been upon us for some years now. It is these diseases that decrease the quality and the length of our lives. We have become weakened by the overabundance of sugary foods that the world is producing. It is weakening our health. Technology can guide us on what we should be eating based on the genetic make-up of our bodies. It will also tell us the diseases that we are liable to develop and with its aid, we would know what to do to prevent such diseases.


3. Brain-machine Interface

We use technology in our daily lives, to consume entertainment or to learn, amongst other reasons. By integrating technology with the human mind, we can use technology to a greater potential – allowing us to decide which foods are better based on their nutritional value and our health goals. If we’re watching the news, and its about a country we do not know very much about, we can do a quick search of the internet within our own brain-machine interface to look up information about that country.


4. Job Performance

Imagine a world where doctors had access to the wealth of information about diseases, guidelines and the latest research – all inside their brain – and easily accesible. Rather than needing to access the internet through a computer, doctors would be able to access the internet directly through their brain – allowing them to come up with better treatment plans based on all the knowledge available to humankind.


5. Self-improvement

If your goal is to become stronger, better at playing football, chess, or hockey – a body-machine interface would help you to achieve those goals. A robotic implant can give you a stronger kick and a brain-machine interface may allow you to learn new game openings WHILE you are already playing – and it can also help you decide what your best move is.


All in all, I believe that becoming cyborg is the fate of the entire human race, and we should embrace it – it is what will make us transcend humanity into something greater.

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